Children From Ravel's “Bolero” to Daft Punk, Yelle's youthful tunes

Originally from Brittany, the singer grew up in a family of music lovers, between a huge collection of records, the concerts of a guitarist father and a whole battery of instruments made available to children.discovers “Homework” and lights the electro wick which will mark her for life.

Where did you spend your childhood and in what environment? I grew up with my three-year-old brother, my younger brother, in the countryside, in a house in a small, bucolic and rural village south of Saint-Brieuc.My father was a singer singer-songwriter and my mother educator.Even though I was sometimes shy because I was impressed by certain musician friends or artists of my parents, I was a rather extrovert child.I liked to stage myself , dress up, create shows, sing.At school, I did the minimum required to pass the upper class.Some subjects appealed to me more than others, such as history, visual arts or French.When I was 13, accompanying a friend to her drama class, the teacher offered to replace an absent student at short notice.As I really liked it, I joined the troupe and stayed there for a while.ten years After the baccalaureate, I studied performing arts at the faculty of Rennes, where I had the opportunity to participate in the work of film students.For their short films, I found myself in the positions of stage manager, makeup artist or sound recording.I loved preparing meals for hungry students after their day of filming, or make scars from pig strainer for a horror movie!

Posted Date: 2021-02-01

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