France Culture presents two Vinylbooks

“Aux Sources de….”, France Culture presents a collection of Vinylbooks: Aux Sources du Funk and Aux Sources du Hip-Hop, available from December 11

"At the sources of ..."? it's a vinyl and a 28-page illustrated booklet to discover the roots of major musical movements thanks to an original playlist and a tailor-made story by Amaury Chardeau.These first two vinylbooks from the “Aux sources de…” collection are adapted of the program Juke-Box, a story in music by Amaury Chardeau (Sunday 3 p.m.on France Culture and listening again and the Radio France app).

"Aux Sources du Funk" proposes to immerse yourself in music in America of the 60s and 70s when racial conflicts are raging and Soul Music becomes La Funk and "Aux Sources du Hip-Hop" invites you to discover how hip- hop was born, unashamedly mixing eclectic musical and cultural heritages, from the ghettos of the Bronx to the Jamaican coast, with rhythm, celebration and the power of words in common.

Aux Sources du Funk is a plunge into the heart of the racial conflict of America of the 60s and 70s where Soul Music becomes La Funk under the impetus of the genius James Brown.In this story, the author leads us to question ourselves on the origins of this movement.What is groove the name of? Why did James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, turn the latter into funk? How does the birth of funk relate to the radicalization of Black Power? What does this nervous and hedonistic musical aestheticism say about the evolution of customs at the time: the desire to enjoy it or to do battle?

Amaury Chardeau continues this journey with his selection of titles emblematic of this movement.It begins with the legendary James Brown concert at the Apollo Theater in 1967 and continues with a range of artists: Ike Turner, Darondo, Marva Withney ...who have known, each in their own way, to mark the genre, without forgetting the great magicians of The Funkadelic and The Parliament, masters in the art of reinventing Funk.

Posted Date: 2020-12-21

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