How the band Indochine celebrates its 40th anniversary

After a debut snubbed by the trendy press, a desert crossing in the 1990s and the death of a key member, Indochina has survived everything, regained its success and this week launches its 40th anniversary celebrations.

Indochine is the only group that’s been successful for 40 years, with hits 20 years apart and a fan base spanning three generations,” says Christian Eudeline, author of the book L’aventure Indochine.

A first compilation

The official birthday of Nicola Sirkis’ band – founder and sole survivor of the early days – falls next year, but the party starts with the release of the first compilation, Singles Collection 2001-2021, this Friday. The second part, 1981-2001, will be released on November 27th.

It’s a tribute to what it was like when we were 16 or 17,” says Sirkis, who is in his sixties and still looks like a young man. There’s youth, the enthusiasm and the fear of not knowing where you’re going in an adult world,” he adds.

A tour of the stadiums

A tour of the stadiums is also scheduled for spring-summer 2021, with the risk, of course, of being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this is nothing to worry about for the band’s leader.

The concert series will feature a stage in the middle of the audience, with a 360° screen, “Nobody will be harmed in terms of visibility or listening,” says Sirkis, “And no gold square or VIPs, those things that are so abject. Tickets will be offered for those on the front row in front of Covid-19: “Garbage collectors, cashiers, doctors, nurses’ assistants, housekeepers, etc., all these unpopular professions that have made society work,” says Sirkis.

Four decades in the making

The group’s recent single, Nos célébrations, is escorted by a beautiful animated video clip that spans four decades.

“That’s all we’ve been through, from Mitterrand’s election to Covid-19, and at the end the train stops at a station: the way is still to come, or not, we’ll see,” Nicola says. Given his enthusiasm, it’s probably not the end of the line.

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