The intimate diary of ... New collection of native podcasts France Musique inaugurates a series of podcasts

France Musique inaugurates a series of native podcasts on the theme of the Diaries of great composers and musicians.The 1st, available March 4, will be dedicated to Mozart.

Mozart's diary * (7x9 ')

Read by Nicolas Vaude, written and produced by Marianne Vourch and directed by Sophie Pichon.

To the rhythm of Mozart's pen, we discover his life as a young musician in the privacy of his diary: his first years of training with his father and the birth of his first compositions, but also his family trips to all the Princely courts of Europe, his successes, his emotions, his anger and his sorrows.No doubt we will discover at the turn of a page, some secrets of his compositions?

In Mozart's family, the one who is always very gentle with him is his sister Nannerl.At 3 years old, he strummed on the keys when she had finished each other ".

According to his father, Mozart knows how to play and improvise like no other child of his age and even play the harpsichord blindfolded.All the princes of the courts of Europe must discover his talent!

On November 18, 1763, the Mozarts arrived in Paris and attended the Grand Couvert des Sovereigns at the Court of Versailles.Seven-year-old Wolfgang offered two sonatas for harpsichord to Madame Victoire, the daughter of King Louis XV.

Leopold Mozart has been Wolfgang's teacher from a young age, his son obeys him because he knows he is his best teacher! In his navy blue coat embroidered with gold, Mozart conducts his Opéra Bastien Bastienne.He is 12 years old and everyone is cheering him on!

Posted Date: 2021-03-04

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